Dispute Resolution

Brandon Hastings, B.B.A.(dist.), Juris Doctor, represents clients in civil and family disputes at all levels of court, including the British Columbia Court of Appeal where he has often been successful in challenging trial-level findings. He also works outside of court as a mediator and as a lawyer negotiating on behalf of his clients, resolving disputes without the expense and emotional costs of litigation. Mr. Hastings has a long history of volunteering in the legal community, and is regularly published on legal topics.

  • Litigation
  • Appellate Advocacy
  • Civil Mediation
  • Family Mediation
  • Agreement & Contract Drafting
  • Family Law
  • Business Services
  • Estate Matters
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Unbundled Services

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Pisarski v Piesik, 2019 BCCA 129. Successfully defended appeal claiming $351,000 adjustment in favour of appellant. Set new law in relation to treatment of excluded funds put into joint property. Covered in CanLII Connects and cited by various cases, including Cook v. Cook, 2021 BCCA 194 and Naimi v. Yunusova, 2023 BCCA 124.

Brandon Hastings ... is a true professional. He gets results and doesn't beat around the bush in the courtroom. He and his team are the reason that my daughter is now safely in my care.

Brandon assisted my business partner and I with a Supreme Court lawsuit filed against us. He thoughtfully guided us through the process, eventually arranging a meeting with all parties in the hopes of reaching a settlement. We managed to reach an agreement, saving us tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. During the settlement meeting, Brandon was a skilled negotiator, and we left feeling very glad to have had him working on our behalf. We couldn’t recommend his services more highly.

Helle v. Helle, 2019 BCCA 97. Counsel for respondent spousal support recipient. Order terminating spousal support set aside. Set new law on the “correlation probably equals causation” test for including post-separation increases in income for purposes of spousal support. Covered in Take Five British Columbia and cited by Professor Rollie Thompson, QC, one of the authors of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines and the Revised User Guide as an example of his top 10 “hard” spousal support cases at the 28th Annual Institute of Family Law.

Willms v. Willms, 2020 BCCA 51. Counsel for appellant payor. Spousal support reduced on appeal by $30,913.00 lump sum, and $201 per month on go-forward basis. Case covered in Take Five British Columbia.

Brandon is a skilled, conscientious, and attentive attorney who assisted me in my divorce case. He was very professional and knowledgeable with regards to my situation. I highly recommend him.

Brandon is personable, knowledgeable, empathetic and thorough. During our initial consult, he took the time to understand my situation and was able to offer me a great deal of information, reassurance and insight. He has proactively followed up with me since then to provide clarification and feedback and I especially appreciate his willingness to work with me in a manner that keeps my legal expenses as low as possible, while still having access to his assistance if required. My matter isn't resolved yet, but I feel more confident with how it will unfold, knowing that I have Brandon in my corner.

Mr. Hastings is an excellent lawyer and coach. He is very knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend him for bundled and unbundled services.

From the very first call, we have received exceptional service ... the service and professionalism has been excellent. As an extensive user of lawyers in my work, I know a exceptional one from a simply good one. ... I recommend Brandon without reservation.

Brandon Hastings is a highly knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough lawyer. He helped me with my separation agreement and made the process much easier for me. He is personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.

Dispute Resolution


Assistance bringing and defending lawsuits at all levels of British Columbia court: Provincial, Supreme, and Court of Appeal.

Appellate Advocacy

Assistance with bringing and defending challenges to rulings of judges at lower levels of court.


Help resolving disputes amicably with Mr. Hastings as a third-party neutral; avoid financial and other costs associated with ongoing disputes.

Unbundled Services

DIY your matter to the degree you are comfortable, supported by a dispute resolution professional. All the way from coaching, to full-service representation for portions of your case.

Family Law

Assistance with litigation and other matters associated with the formation and dissolution of families: asset and debt division, support, children, etc.

Business Disputes

Assistance with resolving disputes between business partners, shareholders, customers and businesses, and businesses and other businesses.

Estate Matters

Assistance executing or administrating the estate of a deceased person, including assistance interfacing with the courts, and with contentious forms of litigation if necessary.

Civil Litigation

Assistance litigating or defending against various claims between private citizens and businesses, including property claims, negligence, and injury.

Collaborative Divorce

Hire a lawyer to help you amicably navigate the process of creating a separation that works for you and your ex.