Travel with Children: Free Template Itinerary

A parent who is going to travel with a child will often provide an itinerary to the other parent. Sometimes this is court-ordered. Other times, this is done just as a useful co-parenting step. In either case, it gives the parent staying at home some peace-of-mind that they can help watch out for their children in the event something happens when they’re on the road.

Court Order Examples

Some examples of the British Columbia Supreme Court ordering itineraries are below, and you will see that they include some common elements which are covered in the downloadable free sample itinerary.

O.O. v L.M., 2017 BCSC 1411:

[150] … The party who travels with K.M. shall bear the cost of her travel; the non-travelling parent shall be provided with an itinerary showing the confirmed places of travel and accommodation, the departure and return dates, and details of the transportation arrangements. The non-travelling parent shall also be provided with contact numbers for emergency purposes during travel. The daily communication referenced in para. 147 above shall continue while
K.M. is away, at a time agreed between the parties.

N.L.B. v C.E.B., 2017 BCSC 1463:

[182] … if the respondent wishes to leave the town of Stony Plain and visit West Edmonton Mall or some attractions in the surrounding area, she is at liberty to do so provided that she advises the claimant of her itinerary and she does not leave the Province of Alberta and she returns the Children at the prescribed time.

G.B. v L.R., 2017 BCSC 1342:

[523] I have accordingly concluded L.R.’s role as a guardian must be limited to:
1) The right to receive from G.B. timely information about the health, welfare and education of the children including information about decisions made by him concerning their: medical care; education; participation in extracurricular activities; and, travel outside of British Columbia for more than five consecutive days. In the event of such travel outside of British Columbia G.B. will advise L.R. of such travel and provide an itinerary that includes the intended destination or destinations and the date of anticipated return but her permission for any such travel is specifically not required.

Pasco v. Pasco, 2015 BCSC 1412:

[189] …. i) Neither party shall travel with Connor outside of the Province without the written consent of the other party, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld. Full particulars of any proposed travel, including dates, destination, itinerary and contact information will be provided to the non-travelling parent;

Even when not court-ordered, providing another parent with an itinerary can help smooth the co-parenting relationship. Better co-parenting leads to better post-separation outcomes generally for children. You can get a copy of a free itinerary template by entering your email address below. This itinerary is not guaranteed to meet all of your needs, but it is easy to customize and should give you a start.

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