Technology of the Civil Resolutions Tribunal (CRT) @LegalHackersVAN

Shannon Salter (@shannonsalter), CRT Chair; and Lauryn Kerr, Knowledge Engineer, discussed the groundbreaking, world-leading technology of the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) at Vancouver Legal Hackers (@LegalHackersVAN) on June 14, 2017. The talk took place at Courthouse Libraries in Vancouver, BC (@theCLBC), and described the background of the CRT’s leading edge Justice Technology (JTech) with a “deep-dive” into the Solution Explorer presented by Lauryn Kerr. It was my pleasure to emcee. Link to video and slides  below.

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Shannon Salter presents on the background, A2J importance, and other “broad strokes” of the CRT: CRT for Vancouver Legal Hackers June 14, 2017

Lauryn Kerr presents on the Solution Explorer and other Knowledge Engineering “nitty gritty”: Solution Explorer for Vancouver Legal Hackers June 14, 2017